Meet Nancy

I chose Stillwater as the place to raise my family and I have made it my home for over 30 years. The St. Croix Valley has been a wonderful place to raise a family and I am proud that my children had the opportunity to grow up in such a welcoming and forward-thinking community.

I grew up in the Battle Creek area of St. Paul. My mother is a first-generation American of Finnish heritage and I am a proud Finnish-American. Finns have a word sisu, that means courage, grit, and perseverance. Whether being the first in my family to graduate college, building my own business, fighting for healthcare reform, or chairing the St. Croix Valley Alliance, I’ve used that sisu grit to get things done.

I am a helper by nature and have served many people in my roles as a healthcare provider, human resources professional at 3M, Chair of the St. Croix Valley Alliance, and Healthcare For All Minnesota (HCAMN) volunteer and advocate.

Now, I am ready to use my grit and serve District 33 by bringing real solutions to the problems that our district and the state are facing. I want to represent the voices and concerns of the neighbors and the community that I love. As a mother, I want to make sure that my children, and everyone else’s children, see a future of opportunity and promise.