Nancy’s Vision

Affordable Healthcare

Too many Minnesotans are struggling to afford healthcare. Even as a healthcare provider, I struggle to provide healthcare for my own family.  Increasing healthcare costs are hurting our citizens, our community, and our economy. No person should stay awake at night worrying that a medical emergency could force them into bankruptcy or force them to lose their home. 

Creating comprehensive healthcare reform for all Minnesotans is one of my top priorities. I will help us enact policies that will serve our community’s healthcare needs including mental health and reproductive care, not the interests of wealthy insurance executives.

While I support national efforts to improve healthcare, we can’t wait for the federal government to figure out a solution. I will help Minnesota be a leader by supporting a state based health plan which will reduce waste and inefficiency and provide all Minnesotans with healthcare.

Quality Education

Our community is only as strong as our schools. When our public schools are supported and funded, our community will thrive. I will help ensure that fully funding public education is a priority in Minnesota. I want our children to have a  world-class education that sets them up for success in a competitive and thriving job market.

The question isn’t whether we can afford to improve public education in Minnesota. The question is whether we can afford not to.

Protecting Minnesota’s Clean Air and Waters

Our district is home to some of the most precious natural habitats in Minnesota, and as a longtime resident, I want to ensure that our lakes, rivers, and forests are around for generations to come. The time is now to take actions to ensure that we all have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and the environment is preserved for us all to enjoy. 

Amid federal rollbacks on pollution control, Minnesota must stand strong to protect one of our richest assets, our environment. I will support measures backed by science that will keep Minnesota’s environment vibrant and healthy for us all. 

We have the opportunity to lead the nation on the issue of climate change. Reducing waste and carbon emissions, protecting our natural lands, and encouraging renewable energy projects helps the environment but also  strengthens and diversifies our economy. 

A Thriving Economy

Our Minnesota economy only thrives when everyone can participate.  That’s why it is necessary to address issues like affordable childcare  and paid family leave so that families can fully participate in the  workforce. Taking on these issues will help Minnesota families and our  small businesses to compete with large corporations and the benefits  they offer. With a massive $9 billion dollar surplus, we should be  enacting responsible tax relief for families and small businesses, not the extremely wealthy and large corporations.  

 I also support efforts that encourage young people to seek learning  opportunities like trade school or higher education, which will help them  enter the workforce and will help our local businesses grow.  Unmanageable student loan debt will keep young people from thriving and fully contributing to our local economies, so we need to better understand why tuition is increasing at a faster rate than incomes so  that we can get to the root of the student loan problem.  

With the green energy economy growing across the world and because Minnesota has a vested interest in protecting our environment, we have an opportunity to become a leader in the clean energy industry which is the fastest growing sector in our state. I will continue to support efforts to get high paying green energy jobs into Minnesota so that our economy, and environment, can benefit from the green energy.